Lavonte Legends Scholarship

Ten recipients will be awarded $5,000. This award will be divided up over four semesters, equaling $1,250 per semester (Fall/Spring). To renew your scholarship each semester, students must provide grades (C or better) after each term.

Student Requirements:

  1.    Cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher
  2.    Student must attend High School in one of the following counties:
  3.    Miami Dade County
  4.   Hillsborough County
  5.    Current senior in high school, applying to a 4-year university.

** Please note that you must also forward a pdf of your academic transcript.  Applications without accompanying transcripts will not be considered. Applicants must also submit a pdf of their FAFSA form.

The deadline for submitting applications for Fall 2023 will be announced soon.